Working from Home



Most everyone at NCEAS, in the office and remote, is signed into Slack for most of the day. See our Slack page.


Everyone with a UCSBnetID has a personal Zoom room available to hold video calls or conferences. Sign into your Zoom account.


Email and Calendaring are the same when working remotely. Sign into your G Suite account. See more details at email and calendaring.

Sharing Files

Sharing files and working collaboratively on office documents can be done with Google Drive and Google Docs using the G Suite login. More details are at Google Drive.

Accessing Business and Analytical Servers

Some NCEAS services, such as the AdminDB and GUS, can only be accessed from NCEAS’ network, or from the UCSB VPN. The same applies for certain services on analytical servers, such as Samba on Aurora and Mazu.

We recommend using the UCSB VPN (UCSBnetID required) for most use cases, though sshuttle or Remote Desktop might be better options depending on the use case.

More Remote Access Options

See our Remote Access page.

Home Networking

The best option, by far, is to work on a wired ethernet connection:

If that’s not possible, some other options which may help:

Test your speed: