Setup Instructions for X2Go

The X2Go client provides a fast remote desktop to our servers, with disconnect and resume capability.



Published Applications

X2Go can forward the windows of a single application to your computer, without the desktop environment, similar to traditional X11 forwarding. Applications can be suspended and resumed.



If X2Go is sluggish or laggy, make sure you are running the latest client version. If that does not help, try changing the following options in Session Preferences:

If those still don’t work:

Connection Problems

The OS X client may have issues reconnecting to a session if kept running. Close both the X2Go client and X11 apps, then open the X2Go client and try connecting again.

Screen Refresh Issues

General Screen Updates

If the screen is not updating, try the following:

  1. Disconnect and reconnect the session
  2. Refresh the screen by switching to a different virtual desktop
  3. Log out of your remote session and restart it (vs closing the X2Go window, which only suspends the session).
  4. Verify/reinstall the latest client:
  5. Change the network speed option. Under the X2Go session preferences, connection, then connection speed. Try both higher and lower settings.

Keyboard Issues

Tab Key Not Working