Sshuttle creates a VPN-like connection to a remote server running SSH.


Using HomeBrew, default settings

Install sshuttle via HomeBrew

brew install sshuttle

And tunnel traffic to the NCEAS subnets:

sshuttle -r -x

Other Options

Optionally, you can tunnel all UCSB traffic, or all your networking through the host you’re connecting to (in this case, You can also choose different hosts, wherever you have an SSH login.

Tunnnel all traffic to all UCSB subnets:

sshuttle -r -x

Tunnel all traffic (may affect Zoom performance)

sshuttle -r 0/0 -x

Using the flag --no-latency-control can drastically improve bandwidth speeds, at the expense of latency. I saw an improvement of 12 mbit/sec to 88 mbit/sec when downloading large files.